Maths Assessment Sessions

Screenshot 2019-10-07 at 13.27.14More and more parents feed back to me that teachers are too unfamiliar with their child’s work to truly know how well they’re doing. This isn’t a criticism of any individual teacher but the reality of a stressed and under-resourced system.

Sure, they get assessed and they get tracking reports / grades but how often these days does a teacher sit down with a student and observe their work? Do they know their strengths and weaknesses? Their quirks and bad habits . . . and the things they do well and should be praised for!

Some common questions are:

  • Is my child on the correct course?
  • How well are they doing?
  • Are they likely to pass?
  • Should they drop down a level or take their course over two years?
  • What other course options do they have?
  • Is their tracking grade a true reflection on their ability?
  • Why might their ability not be getting reflected in test scores?
  • What do they need to do to achieve their goal?
  • How many hours should they be studying for?
  • What resources should they use?

To help address these concerns I’m now offering assessment sessions for National 5 and Higher students.

How does it work?

We meet for 75 minutes. The first 15 minutes we chat about your goals, your course, assessment results, strengths & weaknesses, what material you’ve covered so far – everything that’s relevant to build a picture of where you are at the moment. Based on that discussion we’ll work through various question types to gauge your level and skill-set. After the session I’ll send a report detailing my observations, stating whether or not I think the student is on the correct course and what they need to work on to give themselves the best chance of success. You’re welcome to ask as many follow-up questions as you wish!

What is the cost?


Can I then sign on for private tuition?

If I have availability and believe that private tuition would be effective then yes absolutely!

To find out more or book an appointment message me here

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