Get Exam Ready

Do you know someone who always seems to score higher on Maths exams than you think they should? Conversely, do you often score lower than you think you’re going to? This is probably because they’ve learnt some Maths exam-taking skills and you haven’t!

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As well as developing the technical skills required for your course you can maximise your potential by improving your exam skills and strategy. In Maths exam skills include things like:

  • Concise algebra
  • Presentation of solutions
  • Forming a logical argument
  • Using correction notation
  • Applying correct units of measurement
  • Understanding conventions like how to round numbers
  • Knowing how to start problems when you just don’t know how to start! (maybe you shouldn’t start at all!)
  • Getting marks for questions even if you don’t know the full solution
  • Overall exam strategy

It’s amazing how many marks Maths students lose because they’ve applied incorrect notation, or are making an algebra mistake that they don’t even know is wrong – a bit like a grammar or punctuation mistake in English! Maths is a language and you have to show you can communicate properly in that language.

To help students avoid common pitfalls, wasted marks and to feel confident going into the final exam I’m now offering a ‘Get Exam Ready’ service where I check your work for these common errors, give you feedback on them and provide follow up questions with solutions to practice what you’ve learnt. I’ll also provide some general tips & tricks to help you maximise your score.

This service is available for National 5 and Higher Maths students and costs £25 as a one-off or £80 over the course of a month.

If you’d like more information or to book message me here

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