Create Your Own Group Workshop

Students taking the same course usually feel confused by the same topics and would benefit from support at that point. Every course has sticking points at which almost every student struggles and gets a little lost. For example, the Quadratics topic in National 5 Maths and the Differentiation & Integration topics in Higher Maths cause most students to feel frustrated and anxious.

To help support such students I now offer customised group workshops at any point in the school year. Although I already offer set group tuition through my Prelim Study Groups and April Revision Courses, students now have the chance to create their own workshops based on what’s challenging them at the time.

Who is it For?

Maths students studying for the National 5, Higher or Advanced Higher qualification who require support on any aspect of these courses.

Why is it Useful?

Students often don’t seek help at sticking points in a course which regularly has a negative knock-on effect for the rest of their learning. Also, students can feel nervous about 1-1 tuition or don’t need 1-1 tuition for the entire school year. Group workshops create a relaxed environment for students to come together and receive the support they need when they need it.

What Would be a Typical Scenario?

A group of National 5 Maths classmates are chatting after class and realise they’re all struggling to understand Quadratic Equations. They probably just need someone to answer their questions directly, give some guidance and to try some relevant practice problems to boost their confidence. A customised workshop on Solving Quadratic Equations would be a perfect solution in this scenario.

How Does it Work?

Simply get in touch to propose a customised group workshop and we can start a conversation about content, venue, dates and cost. It’s likely most workshops will last 3-4 hours and will take place on a weekend. Get in touch at any time in the school year – it’s never too early or too late if you’re starting to feel lost!

When are these Available?

Customised Group Workshops are available at any point in the school year including summer holidays and October holidays subject to availability. The most challenging part of the National 5 and Higher Maths courses is Unit 2 (approximately Nov – Jan) so this may be a good time to think about getting help.

How Much Does it Cost?

Cost will depend on the duration of the workshop, venue used and number of students using a sliding scale – the more students that come along the less costly it will be per student.


Not all students need 1-1 tuition throughout the school year but most students feel challenged at some points in their course. Although I always welcome 1-1 students even if they just want help with a single sticking point, it’s common for students to get stuck on the same material. Customised group workshops allow students to get together and design their own workshop based on whatever’s challenging them at the time. Also, some students would just prefer to receive support in a group setting.

For more information about this service or to make a request get in touch here.

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