Higher Maths Revision Course

Let’s be honest, Maths is tough and causes a lot of frustration! A revision course is a great way of building confidence and getting familiar with exam level questions in a relaxed atmosphere . . . . and with the Maths exams being just two weeks after the April holidays its the perfect way to kickstart final exam preparation.

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Mon 15th - Thu 18th April, 14:30-17:00

The Spectrum Centre, Inverness 


The focus of the 10 hour revision courses will be working lots of practice questions to help consolidate knowledge and build confidence. A quick review will be given of each topic and then the student will be let loose to work questions in a carefully constructed workbook with guidance and support from the instructor.

Exam-level homework questions and solutions will be provided each day to support the classroom work.

To view the schedule click Higher Schedule

Places are limited! To book your spot email me at garythomson36@hotmail.com or drop me a message here

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