Nat 5 Maths Student?

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 15.12.43Does Nat 5 Maths feel like impossible dance moves?

National 5 is when Maths starts to get ‘Mathematical’, moving beyond common logic to formal technique and procedure. It’s quite a step up from previous courses so don’t underestimate the work required!

The course covers a lot of material – from algebra to geometry, numeracy to statistics – and this makes learning (& remembering!) the techniques very challenging.

Examiners are more and more looking for students to show they can use the methods creatively so it’s important to focus on understanding the material rather than just learning it.

But don’t fret – with a little practice you’ll see that National 5 Maths isn’t rocket science (even if it seems like it sometimes!).

Use these RESOURCES to help improve your skill level and if you’re still struggling GET IN TOUCH, I may be able to help! Good luck!

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