National 5 Questions By Topic

It can be difficult to find the type of questions you want to practice in past papers. Now you don’t have to! Use the categorised questions & solutions below to work on the topics you find most difficult.

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Algebraic Fractions Questions
Algebraic Fractions Solutions

Algebraic Operations Questions
Algebraic Operations Solutions

Arcs Sectors Questions
Arcs Sectors Solutions

Equations Inequalities Questions
Equations Inequalities Solutions

Fractions Questions
Fractions Solutions

Functions Questions
Functions Solutions

Indices Questions
Indices Solutions

Percentages Questions
Percentages Solutions

Properties Shapes Questions
Properties Shapes Solutions

Pythagoras Theorem Questions
Pythagoras Theorem Solutions

Quadratics Questions
Quadratics Solutions

Graphs of Quadratic Functions Questions
Graphs of Quadratic Functions Solutions

Quartiles Questions
Quartiles Solutions

Rearranging Formulae Questions
Rearranging Formulae Solutions

Similar Figures Questions
Similar Figures Solutions

Simultaneous Equations Questions
Simultaneous Equations Solutions

Standard Deviation Questions
Standard Deviation Solutions

Straight Lines Questions
Straight Lines Solutions

Surds Questions
Surds Solutions

Trigonometry Questions
Trigonometry Solutions

Using Trigonometry Questions 
Using Trigonometry Solutions 

Vectors Questions
Vectors Solutions

Volume Questions
Volume Solutions
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