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Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 11.13.37I offer 1-1 Maths tuition for students in the Moray and Inverness areas who are studying for the National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher, GCSE, or A-Level qualifications. Other qualifications and locations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Each student has their own individual needs so I don’t believe a prescriptive approach to tuition is effective. Some students need a lot of help understanding material and some just need reassurance that they’re doing the right thing. I cater for all situations and work with the student to reduce their anxiety and boost their confidence as well as sharpening their technical skills.

My approach is to support the student both during and out-with sessions, so I’m always available to answer questions, assign / grade homework, or provide additional practice materials. I’d rather a student gets in touch if they’re having trouble than fret about it until we next meet. In addition to the 1-1 sessions, my National 5 and Higher students have access to comprehensive and concise reference materials, practice questions and step by step solutions all written by myself to reflect my experience of working with many students and my extensive knowledge of the curriculum and final exam papers. These materials are hosted on the online platform Teachable for easy anytime access.

I believe technology has an important role to play in learning Maths and frequently use graphing tools to help students visualise concepts. It astounds me that such tools are not mandatory in schools as the visuals can completely unlock learning that a student struggles to get from algebra.

My rate is £35 per session for National 5, Higher and GCSE and £40 for Advanced Higher and A-Level. Prices include local travel, any materials used and any contact time between sessions. All students are placed on a one month probationary period after which we’ll review whether tuition is likely to be effective and how best to proceed. Students receive a brief monthly summary of their progress and if they don’t seem to be making progress an intervention will be recommended. In most cases this will be a recommendation to undertake a short term intensive but will be discussed on a case by case basis to get the most effective / cost-effective solution. My full terms & conditions are  available here.

To find out more or inquire about availability get in touch with me here

I also offer 1-1 Intensives , Prelim Study Groups and Easter Revision Courses. For students who I’m unable to tutor in person on an ongoing basis I offer an Remote Tuition Package.

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