Each student has unique needs so I offer three forms of 1-1 tuition so that you can find the right option for you.

Private 1-1 Tuition

Private 1-1 Tuition is the most popular form of tuition and usually involves meeting weekly with the student for 1 hour. Learn more here.

1-1 Intensives

1-1 Intensives are a series of 90-minute sessions over a short time period, designed to initiate a step-change in the students performance. 1-1 Intensives can be useful in addressing a range of needs. Learn more here.

Online Tuition

Online Tuition allows students to be directed and supported without having to meet face to face. Online tuition is based on the fact that some students simply need regular practice of key techniques and to be reassured that they’re on the right track. Learn more here.

I also offer a Prelim Study Group, April Final Exam Revision Course, and Customisable Workshops

For more information on any of the above or to enrol drop me a message here

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